Friday, January 25, 2019

From our Friends at Clover

With Steve Butler

Hold It Precision Stiletto

What is it? So much of what we do in sewing involves detail work. Quilting, fashion, home decor or accessories all are made better when we pay attention to even the most obscure details in the construction process. But this requires more than just paying attention. It means all of those little points, folds, creases or seams have to be perfect. Unfortunately when we're sewing or pressing these details into place our fingers often go into harm's way. Proximity to sharp needles and hot irons can be a real creative buzz kill. And even if we can save our fingers from perforation or pressing, they often obstruct our view of the sewing field and those all important details. But do not despair. Necessity is the mother of invention and over time we've developed "pointy" little instruments that substitute for our fingers. A tailor's awl, crochet hooks, knitting needles, nail files, tips of tweezers, tapestry needles or even chop sticks enhanced with a pencil sharpener (really) have been used. They all perform some function (sort of) but nothing to really write home about. In an effort to enhance your creative process, Clover has developed the ultimate fabric manipulation tool to support any sewing or pressing functions that we might need to implement.  We call it the Hold It Precision Stiletto.

What does it do?- At it's very essence a sewing stiletto simply keeps us from getting our fingers where they shouldn't be, in the path of an approaching sewing machine needle or right next to a hot iron.  Clover's Hold It Precision Stiletto is designed to do just that and so much more.  Constructed with a unique polymer resin it is both strong and heat resistant.  It is designed to be held comfortably in your hand.  One end has a sharp, curved tip to allow easy fabric manipulation without obstructing your field of view.  The other end has a silicon coated  "grippy" tip beveled at the precise angle to enhance the friction that holds those detailed pieces in place as they are pressed into shape.  Using the Hold It Precision Stiletto we can position our fabric perfectly when sewing. This is especially useful when we're sewing blocks together and need to make sure seam allowances lie flat as they feed under the presser foot, or when we can't or don't want to use pins to hold our fabric in place or when we're sewing tiny blocks or when we're manipulating pleated trims or when we're matching fabric patterns or accomplishing any number of other sewing functions.  Same for the pressing station.  Because we can hold our fabric with precision while pressing, we can press open seams or press in points, creases. folds or other shapes quickly and correctly the first time.  No time consuming "do over's" an no burns.

This is truly one of those tools that having used it you will wonder how you ever did without it.

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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Top AccuQuilt Dies in the Classroom

Are you curious WHICH AccuQuilt Dies are making their way into other classrooms?

Here are the Top 12 Dies that were purchased last year by Schools & Educators.

Top of the List: Qubes!

Sales of Qubes vastly outnumbered sales of individual dies this year. Their value is obvious. There are 72 different block patterns from each set of dies. Even more if a Qube Companion Set is added.

Most popular size is the 12" Qube.
Second most popular = 6" Qube.
The 8" and 9" Qubes were tied for 3rd and 4th Place.

Each Qube has 8 dies:
GO! Square-3 1/2" (3" Finished)
GO! Square-2" (1 1/2" Finished)
GO! Half Square Triangle-3" Finished Square
GO! Quarter Square Triangle-3" Finished Square
GO! Half Square Triangle-1 1/2" Finished Square
GO! Square on Point-2 5/8" (2 1/8" Finished)
GO! Parallelogram 45°-2 1/4" x 2 13/16" Sides (1 1/2" x 2 1/8" Finished)
GO! Rectangle-2" x 3 1/2" (1 1/2" x 3" Finished

After removing the Qubes from the calculations, the following individual dies were selected more than all the rest.

Number 12
Most Popular Individual Die for the Classroom = 8 1/2" Rag Square Die

The smart GO! Rag Square die pre-cuts the 3/4" long fringe edges with perfect 1/4" wide fringes.


Simply sew the fringed rag squares together with a 1" seam allowance and you're done! Beautiful rag quilt gifts in no time!

Number 11
Most Popular Individual Die for the Classroom = Carefree Alphabet (2 die set)

Using the Carefree font, this die cuts one each of the 26 letters in the English alphabet.

The GO! Carefree Alphabet Set looks just like those old-school refrigerator magnets. What a fun way personalize any project!

Number 10
Most Popular Individual Die for the Classroom = Sun Bonnet Sue

This die is designed to cut cleanly through multiple layers of fabric and you can minimize fabric waste by aligning fabrics just over the shapes you want, not the whole board.

Sunbonnet Sue and Overall Sam (55062) make a super cute couple!

Number 9
Most Popular Individual Die for the Classroom = Rose of Sharon

Just like you, quilting quickly took over Sharon Pederson's life. Now just like her, you can create beautiful quilts in a flash with the GO! Rose of Sharon die.

This exclusive AccuQuilt design is perfect for classics like the Baltimore Album quilts and only limited by your imagination

Number 8
Most Popular Individual Die for the Classroom = Hunter Star

One die board, one classic quilt block! Combine 4 blocks to create 12" finished Hunter Star block

Number 7
Most Popular Individual Die for the Classroom = 1 1/2" Strip Cutter

The GO! Strip Cutter - 1-1/2" (1" Finished) die features 5 strips per cut.

Number 6
Most Popular Individual Die for the Classroom = Cute Car

Cute as a button, the GO! Cute Car die makes quick work of cutting this adorable car.

Cute as a button, the GO! Cute Car die makes quick work of cutting this adorable car. It has a fun bubble shape plus window and wheel details that would be tricky to cut by hand. Compatible with the AccuQuilt GO! or GO! Baby Fabric Cutter and perfect for baby blankets, bags and décor. Apply fusible web (50522) to the wrong side of fabrics prior to cutting for quick and easy appliqué

Number 5
Most Popular Individual Die for the Classroom = 10" Square

The GO! Big Square-10" (9-1/2" Finished) cuts a perfect square every time, even through multiple fabric layers.

The GO! Big Square-10" (9 1/2" Finished) cuts a perfect square every time, even through multiple fabric layers.

This versatile square is a great building block in many quilts and can be used as a background square for appliqué.

Number 4
Most Popular Individual Die for the Classroom = Go! Strip Cutter 2 1/2"
(2" finished)

This GO! Strip Cutter has four angled guide lines printed on the foam surface. Lines at 90-degrees, 30-degrees, 45-degrees, and 60-degrees allow quilters to cut strips into squares and several types of diamonds that can be used to make classic quilts like the Lone Star and Tumbling Blocks. These preprinted angled guide lines will make it easy to create a variety of shapes with consistent cuts that will save time and fabric.

Cut perfect strips for binding, sashing, borders, jelly rolls, strip patterns, string piecing and more
Number 3
Most Popular Individual Die for the Classroom = Go! Hexagon Die
1", 1-1/2", 2-1/2" Sides (3/4", 1-1/4", 2-1/4" Finished)

Traditional hexagon quilts like Grandmother's Flower Garden are absolutely beautiful, but it takes a whole lot of hexagons to make one quilt and just thinking about cutting all those shapes out can make your wrists ache. The AccuQuilt GO! Hexagon die cuts perfect shapes quickly, every time. This die cuts three sizes of hexagon from multiple layers of fabric.

Number 2
Most Popular Individual Die for the Classroom = Go! Circles 2", 3" and 5"

This die cuts three sizes of perfect circles lickety split.

Number 1 - Top of List - Favorite of all Favorites!
Most Popular Individual Die for the Classroom = Go! Square 5" (4 1/2" finished)

Use the GO! Square die to precisely cut 5" squares for a finished 4 1/2" square

Squares are literally the basic building block of quilting. Use the GO! Square die to precisely cut 5" squares for a finished 4 1/2" square.

These are also just the right size for charm squares!
 Here are a couple of my personal favorites:

All display samples photographed here are from the AccuQuilt website.
They create beautiful quilts and so can you.
To view your discounted School & Educator Price use your Education Division Login at

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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Holiday Quilting Sets the Mood

Get your Holiday Cheer ON!

I know it isn't even Thanksgiving yet, but you'll want to get a jump start on this so that it will be ready to whip out the day after the Turkey & Trimmings have made their grand appearance.

Perk up your spirits with a fun quilting project.
The pattern is free from AccuQuilt. Click here to download.
Don't forget! You get a School & Educator Discount if you purchase your Qubes, Dies, and Go Cutters from B-Sew Inn Education Division.
We'll even honor the AccuQuilt free bonus gift. Win. Win.
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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Add a touch of Flower Whimsey

Tool School from our Friends at

Tool School with Instructor Steve Butler

Flower Frill Templates

What is it? -  Henry Beecher famously wrote, "Flowers are the sweetest things God ever made, and forgot to put a soul into."  Claude Monet felt that he owed his iconic professional career to flowers.  And don't even get started with poets.  But how do we feel about flowers?  They're important to us too.  We use them to say I love you, I'm sorry, good luck, congratulations or get well.  And we use them not only to adorn all of the special occasions of our lives but also to make all of the occasions in our lives special.  A beautiful bouquet of flowers makes a house a home.  Flowers are part of our lives and we love 'em.  Wouldn't it be nice if we could make them?  Fashion blossoms from our personal stashes of fabric?  Just think of all of the colors and textures you have in there.  Chiffon, taffeta, netting, batiks, florals, solids, and who knows what else?  The combinations are probably as close to endless as you can get.  But is it difficult to make fat quarters bloom into beautiful bouquets?  Could be but certainly doesn't have to be.  Clover's Flower Frill Templates make it easy.  You select the size, color, texture and fullness of your flowers.  Mix and match colors and textures to create your own personal floral fantasy.

What does it do? -Clover's Flower Frill Templates allow us to make beautiful flowers one gorgeous petal at a time.  You are free to create with reckless abandon.

Flower sizes - Flower Frill Templates are available in three packages representing six sizes.  Large and Extra Large at 5 inch and 6 inch finished sizes.  Small and Medium at 3 inch and 4 inch finished sizes.  Mini and Extra Small at 2 inch and 2 1/2 inch finished sizes.  That size range can accommodate everything from home decor to jewelry.



"Template how to" - Each template is made of heavy card stock with fold lines marked and numbered.  Simply fold the template around a halved portion of fabric.  That's the first fold.  Follow in suit for the second and third folds as marked on the template.  Trim around the template outer edge with shears (or pinking shears for a unique look) being careful not to cut the template and then stitch through the point of the fabric with a threaded needle.  That's the first petal.  Now just repeat that step until you have enough petals for the desired fullness.  When all the petals are complete just join the thread ends together and shape by hand.  It's that easy.

 To order, email or
call 1-888-560-3227 ext 107